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Car Accident Attorneys

Since Gold, Levy & Poirot opened its doors in 1988, we have represented thousands of clients who were injured as a result of the careless and reckless driving of others.

In most car accident cases, the key issue is determining which driver is at fault for the accident.

In some situations, however, the law may allow us to assert that a person who was not even in the car at the time of the accident was a responsible party. At Gold, Levy & Poirot, we are experienced trial attorneys who know the laws regarding car accidents, and we can skillfully apply that experience to help you get the most compensation for your car accident injuries and damages.

Here are some examples of situations where we may be able to sue additional parties on your behalf, in connection with your car accident:

  • When an Employee Was Driving the Defendant’s Car (the law will hold an employer responsible for the wrongful acts of their employees, including negligent driving, when the employee is performing their job duties);
  • When Someone Other Than the Owner of the Vehicle Was Driving (in Connecticut, car owners are legally responsible for negligent driving by anyone using their car with their permission);
  • When a Vehicle is Operated by the Owner’s Child (in Connecticut, parents may be held liable for their child’s reckless or negligent use of the family vehicle);
  • When a Person Allows an Unfit Driver to Operate their Car (a claim of this nature is called “negligent entrustment” - in this type of case we would claim that the owner lent their car to a dangerous driver, and is responsible for the acts of the dangerous driver – this can occur when the owner lends his car to someone they know is intoxicated, underage or uninsured, inexperienced, ill, or who has previously driven in a reckless fashion).

In addition, you may also have a claim against your own auto insurance company if the accident was caused by an uninsured driver, or a hit and run driver. This is known as an “uninsured motorist claim”. If another driver causes a crash, resulting in injuries, but has no insurance or not enough insurance to cover your injuries and damages, you still may be able to pursue a claim.

Our dedicated team of Car Accident Attorneys and Staff take the time to learn about the facts of the accident, your injuries, whether you will be out of work, and whether you are faced with medical bills.

We are devoted to fighting for your rights when you are injured by another driver. Our attorneys have successfully obtained many large settlements on behalf of clients injured in car accidents, and we have successfully tried cases to favorable verdicts.

At Gold, Levy & Poirot, we are experienced Connecticut Car Accident Attorneys. Our attorneys know the laws and how they are applied in cases like yours.

If you have been injured in a car accident, call our office at 860-549-5152, to set up a free, no obligation consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

Remember, Connecticut puts a time limit on your right to file a lawsuit. If you have been injured, do not delay in contacting a lawyer who can protect your rights.

Let the attorneys at Gold, Levy & Poirot advise you on whether you have a personal injury claim, the strength of your personal injury claim, and discuss with you how much your car accident claim may be worth.

We, at Gold, Levy & Poirot, want to help you get the recovery you deserve.

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