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Settlement:  $878,000.00, garbage truck rollover accident

56 year old sanitation worker seriously injured when his co-worker lost control of the truck, causing it to drive off the highway and rollover.  The client suffered serious injuries and ended up needing shoulder surgery and hand surgery.  He was unable to return to work and found to be permanently disabled. 


Settlement:  $200,000.00, car accident

66 year old woman involved in a car crash at an intersection.  The client required knee replacement surgery.  Despite having had severe arthritis in the injured knee for several years before the crash, our medical expert was able to relate the need for surgery to the crash.


Settlement:  $260,000.00, car accident

59 year old man was sitting in a parked car which was struck by a minivan.  The client required complicated neck surgery.  The insurance company argued that the client, due to a long history of previous neck pain, would have needed the surgery regardless of whether the accident happened.  Our medical expert testified that the accident was a substantial factor in the need for surgery.


Settlement:  $350,000.00, car accident

36 year old woman was stopped waiting to make a left turn when her car was hit from behind.  There was minor damage to the client’s car as a result of the crash.  The client developed severe low back pain, as well as pain going into her legs causing her to have difficulty walking.  She ultimately needed minimally invasive back surgery, and is at risk for future complications and possibly another surgery.


Settlement:  $90,000.00, car accident, drunk driver

66 year old man was driving home on a quiet neighborhood street when the other driver crossed the center line and struck his car.  The other driver was arrested and charged with drunk driving.  Client suffered multiple bruises and strains.  He received physical therapy for his injuries and was able to resume most of his normal activities following treatment.  The other driver admitted to drinking alcohol just prior to the crash, and was driving a work vehicle at the time of the crash.

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