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Dog Bite and Attack Attorneys

If you or a loved one are bitten or injured by a dog, Connecticut law provides recourse for you against the dog's owner or keeper.

A person who owns or keeps a dog is legally responsible for injuries and damages caused by dog bites, knock downs, or attacks. A “keeper” is someone who is responsible for caring for a dog, or who houses the dog. “Keeper” may also include the landlord of a tenant who owns such a dog. In a case where a landlord was aware of the dog’s vicious tendencies and does not alleviate that danger, the landlord may also be held liability in Premises Liability. You do not have to be actually bitten by a dog in order to pursue a claim.

The victim of a dog bite or attack does NOT have to prove that the dog's owner or keeper did anything wrong, or that the dog was vicious. This kind of law is called a “strict liability” law. However, a person who was trespassing at the time of the dog attack, or who was teasing, abusing or tormenting the dog, does not have a claim.

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